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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing is based on the CRM that you use. See our pricing.
Our per-minute pricing varies depending on your calling volume. The higher the volume, the lower the per-minute cost. We also pre-sell minutes at a discount.
A user is any one human making / receiving phone calls through Ring.io. Ring.io gathers many statistics & metrics about calling activity and associates them with users. When recording calls, Ring.io associates the call to the user that took the call. When logging calls in a CRM system, Ring.io associates the call with the corresponding user. Users can have up to 3 devices where they make/receive calls at. Eg. an IP phone, a softphone and a cell phone. Each user receives 1 concurrent phone call at a time. We sometimes serve customers who have "stations" in a call center through which multiple humans rotate. If that is your scenario, you can choose between 1 user per human or 1 user per station, but in the latter case you will not be able to track any meaningful metrics.
In most cases, a full rollout of Ring.io with your team takes about 3-4 hrs. During that time we help you set things up, train your users, and if you're porting phone numbers get that process rolling. Calendar-wise, we can help you get Ring.io rolled out in a day, but most clients take 2-5 business days to take care of everything.
Replacing my current solution with Ring.io
For most of our customers we do replace their existing system. Most phone systems suck and you deserve an upgrade! If your team is part of a larger enterprise and you're happy with your current system but would like to add cool Ring.io features, this is also possible.
Ring.io can deliver phone calls to IP phones (phones on desks connected via broadband to our service), softphones (software that runs on your Mac / PC) and standard PSTN phones (cell phones, landlines, your existing business numbers). We provide you with everything you need to make calling on IP phones and softphones possible.
For VOIP, you need a decent broadband internet connection (fiber, cable, or dedicated data T1s will work great. DSL, 4G LTE, or satellite internet will not work). You may need to tweak your router settings to let VOIP through. For running our call control software (Ring.io Desktop) you need Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X 10.7 or newer, 4GB of RAM, and a 2Ghz CPU. Ring.io Desktop doesn't work on Linux or Chromebooks or low-end Windows netbooks. We also offer a Click To Call browser extension for Google Chrome.
The telephony industry is plagued by bad voice quality issues. In our experience, the lion's share of these issues stem from "the last mile", i.e. the connection between your office location and the internet. While these problems can be frustrating, we have helped hundreds of customers get the best possible setup. Sometimes it takes a few tweaks here or there to your router, sometimes it has to be replaced. Our goal is to be the helpful nerd who helps you get it right, or to help your local nerd get it right for you.
Ring.io is offered to companies based in the USA & Canada. If your North American company has employees based in other countries, we can work with you to deploy Ring.io to them provided they have excellent broadband. If your company is based elsewhere, we currently don't have an offering for you.
Questions about our Company
Our support team is based in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC. If you hear international accents when you call us, it's because DC is a very diverse region with 30% foreign-born residents.
Ring.io was founded in 2009 and launched its first commercial offering in 2010.
Ring.io has over 500 business customers and is growing fast.
Feature Questions
We support Salesforce.com, Zoho CRM and Google Contacts.
Yes we do. We offer Business SMS that can be used straight from Salesforce and Zoho CRM.
While you can conference 2-10 parties on your Ring.io powered IP phone, Ring.io does not offer call conferencing bridges that other parties can call into.
We offer an iPhone & Android app.
Glad you asked! Ring.io's design reflects 30 man-years of operations thinking around high availability. Our system is deployed over 2 geographical zones that actively load balance traffic. Each of our clusters has redundancy at every layer of the architecture. We offer a 100% Uptime guarantee, publish our system status, and document each outage publicly.
Even if Ring.io were to be down, our platform would redirect your incoming phone calls to a pre-programmed Backup Number so you don't miss any important phone calls.
Phone Numbers
Ring.io offers international numbers in western Europe, Asia, and Latin America. We offer termination of phone calls to international destinations to select customers who are approved for international calling.
Yes in 99% of cases. If your phone number is in a rural telephone exchange, we may not be able to port your number.
You own your phone number, and you can keep any phone number that you buy from Ring.io if you decide to move to another provider.