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Salesforce Call Logging

Automatically log important call data to Salesforce.

Track Your Sales Calls

Get a complete view of your team's interactions and increase calling productivity with automatic call logging in Salesforce.

With Ring.io, you can:

  • Map call data to any field, including fields on custom objects.
  • Update Salesforce fields while on a call with call dispositions.
  • Get instant insights into your call dat with RingLeaders.


Track Sales Calls

Boost Productivity

How much time do your sales reps spend logging data to the right fields in Salesforce? With Ring.io, all of the important call data is logged to Salesforce when the call is over so you can move on to the next call.

Get Insights

With automatic call logging in Salesforce, you will always know how your team is performing. Track average call length, call outcomes, call time, and more to get a complete view of your team's calling activities.

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