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Call Recording

Autoamtically record inbound and outbound calls in Salesforce.

Record Your Sales Calls

Ring.io automatically records both inbound and outbound calls and makes them easily accessible in Salesforce. Store an unlimited amount of calls permenantly in the cloud.

With Ring.io, you can:

  • Create a library of your best sales calls for coaching purposes.
  • Filter call recordings by call outcome to identify successful calls learn from them.
  • Easily share call recordings with your team with a simple link.



Improve Training

Call recordings are an important tool in training your team to deliver the right message over the phone. Ring.io records calls and uploads a link to the right Salesforce object so you can filter recordings by lead status, call result, and more.

Retain Knowledge

Call recordings give you a complete view into your team's interactions with every lead, so when there's turnover or leads are handed off, you always have a complete record of what's happening with your leads and customers.

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