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Power Dialer

A Power Dialer that works on any CRM view or report screen. That your reps will love. With zero-setup for your admin.

Boost Dialing Productivity

Power dial from any list view or report in your CRM. See a bunch of numbers and want to dial them? Just right-click and Ring.io gets on it, with auto-progress, voicemail drop, and automatic call logging. You will never have to build a dialer list again.


With our list dialer you can:

  • Right-click on any lead, opportunity, account other list view in Salesforce and Zoho and make an instant power dial list
  • Auto-progress between phone calls while Ring.io stays on the line whenever you encounter a voicemail
  • Customize the lead info your reps see
  • Automate the follow ups
  • Give your CRM admin their full lunch hour as they won't have to set up lists for the reps!


Seamless Integration

With Ring.io's power dialer, you can use your existing CRM data to build lists. Leads are automatically pulled into your power dial list, allowing reps to hunt wherever they think there will be results.

Unmatched Productivity

With a super-fast dialing Web Phone, easy rep-based processing and automatic call logging and dispositioning, your team will make hay while the sun shines.

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