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Interactive Voice Response

Easily set up interactive voice menus and directories with our visual editor.

Route Inbound Calls

Ring.io's visual editor lets you easily create interactive voice menus to route inbound callers to the right person. Use our text-to-speech engine to deliver personalized messages and prompt callers for information. Our Auto-Attendant ensures that every inbound caller has an efficient and personalized experience. 

With our IVR editor you can:

  • Set up business hours to route callers to the your voice inbox afterhours.
  • Route callers based on area codes or zip codes. 
  • Greet callers by name and play an audio description of your company.

Interactive Voice Response

No Complicated Editing

With our visual editor, you do not need to be a telephony expert to create intuitive voice menus for your business. Make changes in just a few minutes and customize your voice menus however you like.

Better Caller Experience

75 percent of people are "highly annoyed' when they can't reach a real person on the phone. Ring.io's IVR ensures that your callers can quickly get to the person they need to speak to.

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