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Make Every Call Count with Ring.io

Simple pricing. Maximum productivity.

Ring.io for Zoho

$ 49

Per user per month, billed quarterly.

  • Zoho Integration
  • Integrate directly with Zoho's native Phonebridge CTI for an integrated calling experience. Click to call and automatically log activities, notes, future tasks. Plus, call recordings can be stored directly on the Zoho activity record.

  • Eavesdrop
  • Monitor live calls and listen in on your team with one click.

  • Click-to-Call
  • Click-to-Call off of any webpage with our Google Chrome extension and automatically create leads and log activities in Zoho.

  • VoiceMail Automation
  • Our voicemail automation allows your team to record perfect voicemails once and simply click a button to leave a voicemail while moving on to the next call. You can pre-record multiple voicemails to understand which are most effective at engaging your prospects.

  • IVR with Visual Editor
  • Easily create interactive voice menus with our visual editor.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Automatically route inbound calls to the right person.

  • Call Queuing
  • Handle any call volume by placing callers in a qeue when no one is available. Monitor queues live via RingMonitoring.

  • Auto-attendant
  • Automatically transfer callers to the right extension.

  • Inbound Caller Screen Pops
  • Display caller information and past interaction history to your rep before they pick up the call.

  • Call Recording
  • Record calls for coaching and training purposes to improve the quality of your team's conversations.

  • Detailed Call Reporting
  • Report on key KPI’s like calls per queue, calls per day, average call length, total talk time, connect rate, calls to connect ratio etc. to optimize your team’s performance.

  • Multi-Device Support
  • Connect up to three devices with our software for complete freedom. You can make and receive calls on any device and every interaction will be automatically logged in Zoho.

  • Low Monthly Calling Rates
  • We offer low minute rates for local and toll-free calls.

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Ring.io for Salesforce

$ 79

Per user per month, billed quarterly.

  • Includes all Ring.io for Zoho features plus:
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Ring.io offers the best Salesforce integration in the industry. Click-to-call and automatically log activities, notes, future tasks, and call recordings.

  • Custom Call Dispositions
  • Create custom questionnaires for each department of your organization so that they can collect key data on every call. All data fields are mapped to Salesforce and automatically updated after the call ends.

  • Native CTI Integration
  • We use Open CTI to natively integrate with Salesforce. That means no complicated set up and instant dialing.

  • Cross-Object Syncing
  • Log call data across Salesforce objects, like updating a lead and logging an activity or task at the same time.

  • PowerDialer
  • Connect salesforce with your phone and power dial down lists of leads to significantly increase the quantity of calls your team can make.

  • RingLeaders™ Dashboards
  • Sales gamification integrated into Salesforce to push your team to the next level. With every activity automatically logged your team can access real-time dashboards to always know who is in the lead.

  • RingInsights™
  • Get crucial performance data on every call and analyze pre-built dashboards directly in Salesforce to gain insights into how to optimize your team's performance.

  • Intelligent Salesforce Routing
  • Automatically route incoming calls based on real-time data in Salesforce. Route customers into queues automatically based on status, LTV or past interaction history.

  • Low Monthly Calling Rates
  • We offer low minute rates for local and toll-free calls.

  • Multi-Device Support
  • Connect up to three devices with our software for complete freedom. You can make and receive calls on any device and every interaction will be automatically logged in Salesforce.

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Add one or both of these products to a package above to increase your team's connections.

Unlimited Dialing

$ 50

Per user per month, billed quarterly.

Unleash your sales team. Make as many outbound calls as you want without incurring any per minute fees. One price, unlimited calling.


$ 20

Per user per month, billed quarterly.

RingLocal displays the area code of the person you are calling as your outgoing caller ID to increase the number of prospects that actually pick up the phone.

andrew panella
"Before Ring.io, we were calling from our cell phones and manually logging call data in Salesforce. Now, we just click to call and all of the data we need is automatically logged. We can really get in a rhythm when calling and we've seen our sales productivity double as a result." Andrew Panella, Business Development Manager at Brazen

Questions? We have answers.

Q: How does unlimited calling work?

A: With our unlimited calling plans, all inbound and outbound minutes to the continental U.S and Canada are included, except for inbound toll-free minutes.

Q: Can I use Ring.io in my country?

A: Ring.io is offered to companies based in the USA & Canada. If your North American company has employees based in other countries, we can work with you to deploy Ring.io to them provided they have excellent broadband.

Q: Does Ring.io replace my phone system or phone provider?

A: For most of our customers we do replace their existing system. We can also easily integrate with your current phone system.

Q: Can I use Ring.io for my whole company?

A: Yes! After signing up for Ring.io, you can purchase additional basic users for team members who just need to make calls for $29 per month per user.

Q: What do I need to make/receive phone calls?

A: We can deliver phone calls to IP phones (phones on desks connected via broadband to our service), softphones and standard PSTN phones (cell phones, landlines, your existing business numbers).

Q: What redundancies do you have to prevent downtime?

A: Ring.io's design reflects 30 years of operations thinking around high availability. We offer a 100% Uptime guarantee and publish our system status publicly.

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