12 SaaS Sales Blogs You Need to Read

12 SaaS Sales Blogs You Need to Read



There’s a lot of sales advice out there.

Take just about any sales problem you have, and chances are you can find a blog post about that problem with a quick Google search.

Although finding content is easy enough, finding content that is insightful, valuable, and relevant to you is a bit harder. To make it easier, we compiled the best SaaS sales blogs with the help of the ClosingCall community.

1. SaaStr

What started out as just a blog has quickly blossomed into the leading online SaaS community and an accompanying conference. SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin was the founder of Echosign, acquired by Adobe, and is currently managing director at Storm Ventures. His straightforward advice and the lessons he learned from his past startups have proven invaluable to anyone in the SaaS industry. It’s hard to find a SaaS startup founder who hasn’t gotten some value out of Jason’s many blog posts and answers on Quora.

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2. Chaotic Flow

Joel York is a SaaS sales and marketing executive. His blog, Chaotic Flow, is filled with data-driven and insightful blog posts on topics like SaaS metrics and sales models. Sales teams are becoming more and more data driven, and Joel’s blog provides helpful advice for SaaS sales managers trying to quantify their performance.

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3. OpenView Labs

OpenView Labs describes itself as the value add arm of OpenView Ventures, an accurate description because their blog definitely adds value, and a lot of it. OpenView Labs consistently publishes insightful content on all aspects of running a B2B software business.

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4. For Entrepreneurs 

David Skok is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist at Matrix Partners. His For Entrepreneurs blog is known for its in-depth and analytical blog posts about the ins and outs of building SaaS sales and marketing processes.

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5. Bothsides of the Table

As this blog’s title suggests, Mark Suster shares his learnings from building a SaaS company that was acquired by Salesforce, and from being a General Partner at Upfront Ventures. Mark is someone who understands entrepreneurship, SaaS, and sales from multiple angles.

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6. Sales Hacker

The Sales Hacker conference is all about helping SaaS startups do more with less resources, and the blog is no different. With actionable content that offers new, and unique ways to reach sales goals, the Sales Hacker blog is ideal for sales leaders looking to make their sales team and processes more efficient, effective, and innovative.

You should also join the Sales Hacker group on LinkedIn.

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7. Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross’ Predictable Revenue has become somewhat of a bible for SaaS sales leaders. Introducing the cold calling 2.0 strategy, Aaron Ross has provided a roadmap for SaaS startups to get to predictable revenue. As he gets ready to launch the sequel to Predictable Revenue, Aaron uses this blog to pass on his sales and sales management insights.

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8. The Vorsight BP Blog

VorsightBP is a sales training firm that’s focused on helping companies build effective sales processes through a “radically different and disruptive approach to sales effectiveness”. VorsightBP shares their experiences building more effective sales teams on their blog.

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9. The Close.io Blog

Steli Efti, founder of Close.io, prides himself on being a hustler. A salesman since 18, Steli is a sales leader with years of experience in making things happen. The Close.io blog has content that can help guide you through many problems you’ll experience while building a SaaS sales team.

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10. Tomasz Tunguz’s Blog

Tomasz Tunguz is a partner at Redpoint Ventures. The detailed graphs that accompany many posts on his blog are examples of his data-driven approach to explaining and analyzing sales concepts.

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11. Inside Sales Experts Blog

The Bridge Group’s blog is all about inside sales. With content like the Outbound Index and the SaaS Inside Sales Survey Report, The Bridge Group provides high quality content backed by data.

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12. Ken Krogue’s Blog

Ken Krogue, co-founder of InsideSales, writes on Forbes and on his personal blog. As an inside sales evangelist, Ken helped popularize the term and drive adoption of inside sales best practices. So it’s no surprise that his content on the topic is some of the best online.

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