3 Reasons Your Team Needs Call Disposition

3 Reasons Your Team Needs Call Disposition



Sales reps hate logging data to their CRM because it takes time away from what really matters: selling. The thing is, your CRM is completely useless if your team doesn’t consistently log every bit of important data. So while taking the time to update fields in your CRM can seem like a time suck, it’s completely necessary. That’s where call disposition comes in.

What Is Call Disposition?

A mainstay for call centers everywhere, call disposition is simply a way to keep track the outcome of each call. Traditional call dispositions use the  basic outcomes of evey phone call such as “No Answer” and “Voicemail Left” to keep track of what happens. 

Here at Ringio, we’ve transformed call dispositions into a powerful tool for both logging call data to your CRM AND pulling data from your CRM for use while on a call. We’ve gone beyond simple call outcomes to give you the ability to pull and push data from ANY field in your CRM for a complete view of everything that happened on every call. 

Why Do You Need Call Disposition?

1. Boost Productivity Teamwide

With call disposition, your team can cut down the amount of time it takes to log data back to their CRM by having the fields they need to update already in front of them while on a call. Instead of logging into their CRM, navigating to the right lead and finding the fields they need to update, they can just focus on inputting the right data. 

Sales teams can quickly log data like lead source, number of touches, and information they need to qualify leads such as company size and budget. Customer support teams can log the reason for the customer’s calls, their satisfaction levels, and more. If it’s a field in your CRM, you can update it with our call disposition.

2. Make Your Sales Process Seamless

A good sales process is focused on maximizing the value of every lead by tracking where each lead is in the sales process, and making sure that the next steps for a lead are always known. 

Call disposition increases the ROI of each lead by helping your team ensure that leads don’t fall through the cracks. By updating the result of each call, your team will know exactly what they need to do to make the next call a success.

With our custom call disposition, you can go beyond the basic outcomes like “No Answer” and “Voicemail Left” to more granular outcomes like “Decision Maker Reached” or “Gatekeeper Reached”. These call dispositions create a full interaction history for each lead to inform your team’s next steps. 

3. Add Context to Every Call

Our call disposition feature pulls relevant information from any field in your CRM and presents it to you while you’re on a call so you’re always prepared. Here at Ringio, we pull information like “Reason for Caling” and “Lead Status” so our sales team can make sure that they’re delivering a personalized message to each lead. 

Customer support teams using call disposition can pull information from account fields in their CRM so they have the information they need to help customers such as the operating system on their computers or the details of the case they’re working on.

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