3 Signs You Should Invest in Sales Technology

3 Signs You Should Invest in Sales Technology

Sales Technology

3_Signs_You_Should_Invest_in_Sales_TechnologyAre you still holding out on using a sales technology platform? No matter how well your sales team is currently performing, there’s always room for improvement. Sales technology makes it easier to generate and track leads, guide prospects through the sales cycle, and ultimately close sales. It also offers analytics which allow you to adapt and improve your business with the help of big data. There is no good reason to avoid sales technology, if you’re serious about your business.

Not Enough Leads

Is your marketing delivering the number of leads you expect, given the time and money you put into the process? Are the leads that do come in qualified, or could you have done just as well picking a random phone number and making your pitch? Be honest, now. Even the very best sales teams occasionally finds a crack in its armor.

Working in sales in the digital age means navigating the thousands of lead-generation options you can find with a quick trip to Google. If you’ve ever bought leads from a third-party vendor, you likely know just how tenuous that trip can be. Just don’t let the less-than-reputable lead-generation outlets you encounter discourage you from using tools, like sales technology, which actually work.

Sales technology will help you generate more leads, of better quality. Use your sales platform to better understand your target customers, and what makes them tick. You can also use it to record information about potential leads, so that you’ll have everything you need when the time is right to turn a qualified lead into a consistent customer.

Sales technology also streamlines the marketing process by taking care of the little details that go into generating leads. That frees up your marketing team to think big, and your sales team to focus on converting leads instead of creating them.

Difficulty Managing Leads

Maybe you’ve got too many leads. Sounds impossible, right? If the choice is between more leads or fewer leads, you already know what any experienced salesperson is going to pick. Even if the leads are rolling in, though, you need a way manage all of that data before you can turn them into customers.

There’s little more frustrating than scribbling down an important, customer-related note on a business card or napkin, only to lose the note before you ever get a chance to use the information it contains. Add in the losses that come when a prospect slips through the cracks unnoticed, and the importance of managing leads is readily apparent.

Sales technology is the one-stop shop for all of your lead-management needs, especially when you can get your sales and marketing teams fully bought-in and on the same page. Every interaction with a potential customer yields information that might be useful in closing a sale. With sales technology, you’ve got a central location for those notes and other important data.

Centralized is the key word, here. Sales technology allows your people to keep track of a prospect based on all of the information you’ve learned about them, regardless of how many different people were involved in recording the information at different times. It’s all in one place, and it’s available on-demand when your employees need it.

No Process for Constant Improvement

Do you have enough leads, and a consistent way to manage them? You sure about that? Without analytics, it’s difficult to take an honest look at your company’s performance. There are other ways than sales tech to obtain analytic data, but none more efficient or comprehensive. Analytics paint a clear picture of how well your marketing and sales initiatives are functioning, all rooted in hard, actionable data.

Analytics work in every industry, regardless of what you sell. Use analytics to focus on the results of specific sales tactics, or to discover how the individual elements of your process are functioning together. Today’s analytics deliver the kind of rigorous, in-depth data that even ten years ago would have been impossible for small businesses to collect.

Analytics boost efficiency by giving you a tangible way to measure just about anything related to your business, but those measurements are only valuable if you act on them. Once you familiarize yourself with analytics, the next step is to develop a plan of action.

Why put yourself at a competitive disadvantage, if you can avoid it? The right sales technology platform will allow you to streamline your entire sales process, and provide the data you need to continually optimize your methods over the long term. Using a sales tech platform doesn’t require you to give up your tried-and-true sales tactics. It simply provides the optimal way to put those tactics to use in the digital age.

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