3 Ways to Avoid the Summertime Sales Blues

3 Ways to Avoid the Summertime Sales Blues


3_ways_to_avoid_the_summertime_sales_bluesThere’s a strange phenomenon in the United States that drives sales teams crazy: the business world downshifts as employees stagger vacations and everybody just seems to move a step slower. For sales teams, it gets harder to schedule sales appointments and dealmakers seem to take the summer off. It’s just the way things are.

How can sales teams make their summers productive? You still have a sales goal that you have to hit and you don’t get the summer off. Here are 3 things sales teams can do over the summer to make sure they finish the year strong.

Review the first half of the year

One of the best things you can do during the summer is to review your activities in the first half of the year. If you’re using a CRM, this should be a simple task. Look at the deals that you worked on in the first half of the year. What were the factors that influenced the deals that you closed? Why did you win? For deals that you lost, who won them? Why did they win and you lose?

Use this review to test your sales assumptions. Does your ideal customer profile match up with the data you’ve collected? Are there new markets that may bear fruit for you? Which marketing content resonated with your buyers? A little bit of introspection goes a long way to sharpen your sales process.

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