3 Ways to Revive Dead Sales Leads

3 Ways to Revive Dead Sales Leads

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Is a dead lead really dead? It takes a lot of effort to locate, engage, and nourish leads, so there’s no reason to call a lead dead until you’re absolutely sure.

Besides, circumstances change. If you made a strong impression but didn’t win the deal at the time, a change in the prospect’s situation might open them up to reconsider what you have to offer. Your circumstances can change too, as new products, services, or features might make your pitch more appealing to a once-dead lead.

Before you can reach that point, however, you need to find a way to reengage, and get the prospect’s attention. Ahead, you’ll learn three tactics that will help you reignite the spark, and turn dead leads into loyal customers.

Identify and Act On Trigger Events

Most businesses are in a constant state of change, adapting to market demands, growth, the departure or acquisition of employees, and countless other factors. Of course, change often leads to opportunity. Look for trigger events, which might indicate that a once-dead lead may have a renewed interest in what you have to offer. Trigger events come in many forms, but growth indicators will usually be your best sign that it’s time to reengage.

Check Google News and LinkedIn regularly to gather intel on your lead, with a focus on new executive hires, extensive low-level hiring, the opening of new locations, and major product launches.
Make this type of research a part of your daily routine, so that you’ll never miss a trigger event that could lead to a won deal.

Use Content to Reconnect

Reviving dead leads is a balancing act. You want to stay near the top of your prospect’s mind, but you also want to avoid turning them off completely by putting on too much pressure. Your content is one of the best tools for achieving those competing goals.
By sending along the right content at the right time, you offer something of value to the prospect, while subtly reminding them that you have the expertise required to best address their needs. Use your notes and CRM data to select targeted content that speaks directly to the needs of specific prospects.

Showcase New Features That Address Lost Reasons

Sometimes, leads die for reasons that have little to do with the sales rep’s performance. If your product or service doesn’t include a feature that your prospect absolutely needs to have, there might be little you can do to change their mind at the time. That’s the bad news.
The good news is that software updates, new product launches, and the addition of new features all provide opportunities to reconnect with dead leads. Look through the lost reasons in your CRM data to identify prospects who might be swayed by new features, products, or updates. When you add a new feature, reach out to dead leads who requested that feature in the past.

When you go to a conference, start a new job, or meet a new group of people, it always helps to have a few ice-breakers in your back pocket. As it turns out, ice-breakers are useful when reviving dead leads, too. The key is finding a natural way to reach out, and reestablish contact. Pique their interest with content, new features, or relevant news to generate a spark of interest, then use your sales skills to do what you do best.

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