5 Benefits of CRM Telephony

5 Benefits of CRM Telephony

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Integrating your CRM and telephony is an easy way to increase efficiency. It also provides your reps with some valuable tools to improve call performance – both in the moment, and over the long term. As a team leader, tight CRM/telephony integration makes it easy to save and access the call recordings that are so vital to sales coaching. Those are just a few of the perks that make our list of five benefits that you should expect from adopting CRM integrated telephony.

Faster Dialing and Voicemail Drop Improve Efficiency

During a dialing session, how much time do your reps actually spend speaking with prospects? It’s easy for reps to get bogged down by searching for the right lead to call, locating the number, and dialing it. CRM telephony improves the efficiency of calling sessions with power dialing and click-to-call, allowing your reps to focus all of their energy on converting prospects. Voicemail drop, another popular feature, allows your rep to pre-record a voicemail message which is left automatically when a prospect doesn’t answer a call.

Easily Save and Access Call Recordings

Call recordings are one of the most powerful tools you have for improving your team’s phone performance. You can use recordings to work on improving specific skills with individual reps, and save examples of well-executed calls to use as teaching tools when you’re onboarding new reps. For your reps, listening to recordings is a great way to pick up on errors and habits that may not have been noticed in the moment.

Log Calls for Interaction Histories

How many calls do your reps make in the average week? How much new information do they receive during each call? Keeping up with all of that data is hard work, especially if your CRM requires manual data entry. With CRM telephony integration, key call data is logged automatically. Without those momentum-killing breaks to input data, your reps can easily move from one call to the next. Over time, reviewing call logs will also give you new insight into your sales process.

Access Activity Metrics to Track Performance

Call recordings allow you to evaluate the quality of calls, but quantity is important, too. Activity metrics show you how much effort your team is putting into calling, and where they are focusing that effort. Whether a rep needs to improve performance or build on prior success, they won’t be able to progress without making the right number of calls. Use activity metrics to track the effort of your top reps, and to show struggling reps, in clear terms, where they should focus their efforts to improve performance in the future.

Better Call Quality and More Personalization

Voice quality matters on sales calls. In the prospect’s eyes, it reflects on the professionalism of your company. It may sound a bit cold, but wouldn’t you be hesitant to buy from a sales organization that can’t maintain a clear phone connection? Call quality also has some more tangible benefits. When your reps don’t have to worry about dropped calls and poor connections, they can put all of their energy into addressing the prospect’s needs. CRM integrated telephony typically offers better call quality, and offers screen-popping that shows contextual data so that your reps can personalize their message on the fly.

CRM integrated telephony offers a robust set of features that will help your reps improve their own performance, and give you the tools you need to coach your reps effectively. It will save you time, improve the efficiency of your reps, and ultimately lead to better results from your team.

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