4 Sales Tools to Make Your Salespeople Party Like Rockstars!

4 Sales Tools to Make Your Salespeople Party Like Rockstars!


rockstarAs (S)VPs/Directors/Managers of Sales, we want our salespeoples’ wallets to be as fat as possible so they can party like rockstars! If they’re doing awesome, so is the company!

I know what you’re thinking — It wasn’t too long ago when you were hustling and bustling to reach your quota with a pen, paper and a phone; that’s was no cake walk!

The same way we don’t walk 3 hours to school in 3 feet of snow like our parents did (one-way, mind you), we also don’t use the same tools for sales productivty.

While it’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest sales tools, it’s our job to make our salespeople as successful as possible. If I said it was cheap, I’d be lying. But if those tools optimized the sales process, improved our salespeoples’ motivation, and ultimately brought in more revenue, the extra cost is entirely worth it!

I’d like to share 4 sales tools I believe are critical for any salesperson, entry-level to senior. And don’t expect to see Salesforce, i.e. that’s a given 🙂

Without further ado:

1. Yesware – Yesware is an email analytics tool that tracks open rates in real-time. While other tools do this, Yesware uses a screen popup to show you when your recipient opened the message. This is incredibly powerful as most of the time, you know they’re sitting at their desk…This is about the time the phone should be picked up!

2. Sales Intelligence Tools – Any salesperson who’s succesful understands the importance of continuous prospecting. While markeing handles a share of that, all your salespeople should have target accounts they’d like to penetrate. Sales intelligence tools can cut down the prospecting time by 50%, allowing them to do more selling instead of research. 

As far as specific companies, I personally prefer Rainking, DiscoverOrg and ZoomInfo

3. Cirrus Insight – This one is for my Google Apps for Business users! Cirrus Insight provides the only Gmail to Salesforce Integration on the market. With a simple Gmail sidebar plugin, salespeople can create and edit any contact, lead, account or opportunity right from the sidebar. All incoming and outgoing messages are also synced to a lead or contact with a click of a button. Now that’s snazzy!

4. Ringio’s Power Dialer – Yea Yea…I know…I’m shameless! But seriously, Ringio’s Power Dialer is a double-whammy; it’s a critical tool for salespeople to be über-productive and managers to measure performance! Ringio’s PD essentially lets users boost touch-points with prospects/customers 2-3x while tracking all that data in SFDC automatically. More calls = more sales, right?

I gurantee that if you use just one of these suggestions, there will be an improvement in your “Closed Won” report. Use all four together, your team will be unstopable! Realistically, don’t be surprised if you get a raise 🙂

 (photo credit – flickr user crsan)

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