5 Things to Track in Salesforce to Grow Quota

5 Things to Track in Salesforce to Grow Quota

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Salesforce is a robust platform, but even the best tools have their limitations.

With CRM, the human element sometimes interferes with the power of the platform. Sales reps, like anyone who takes extensive notes on the job, tend to develop their own shorthand, and their own interpretations of tracking standards. It’s not just what you track, but how you track it that matters.

As a sales leader, getting the most out of your CRM requires choosing the right things to track, and setting clear standards for how data is recorded.

Establishing uniform standards makes the data more meaningful, because it keeps all of your reps operating from the same set of benchmarks. There’s no doubt that Salesforce insights will help grow your sales quota, with the right processes in place.

Below, you’ll find five things you should be tracking in Salesforce, along with some tips on how to track them effectively. 

1. Lead Status

For many sales teams, there are just two ways to list a lead status – qualified and unqualified. Your funnel is complex, and there are many steps that happen before an unqualified lead becomes qualified. Sticking to such simple descriptors ultimately leaves out a lot of important information. To track lead status more effectively, you need to carefully analyze your sales process.

Break your process down into distinct stages that indicate the progress of a given lead. The stages you choose should align with your lead-generation and nurturing priorities. Once you develop a clear list of lead statuses, it’s important that your reps understand which status to use for which situation, so that you can look at a lead status and immediately get a detailed picture of where that lead stands.

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