7 Salesforce Integrations to Accelerate Sales Productivity

7 Salesforce Integrations to Accelerate Sales Productivity

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1. Email Tracking & Automation

Email tracking will let you know when prospects open your email and how they interact with the email. What links are your prospects clicking? Are they opening emails on mobile or in the office? All of this information can be found by tracking your sales emails. Email tracking and automation tools like ToutApp also give you data on how effective your emails and email templates are, log emails as Salesforce acitvities, and schedule follow up emails. 

2. Document Management

Document tracking integrations let you know how prospects are interacting with the documents you’ve sent. Document management and tracking tools are most useful for sending and negotiating proposals. These tools let you see exactly how a prospect is interacting with your proposal, and even include deal rooms where changes can be proposed and negotiated. Document management tools like PandaDoc also increase productivity by making it easier to create new proposals using templates. Integrating with Salesforce lets you use Salesforce fields in your proposal for more accurate and automated proposals. You can also send documents and view documents associated with a specific opportunity without leaving Salesforce.

3. Telephony

For most inside sales teams, calling, both cold and warm, is an important part of the sales process. Integrating Salesforce with your telephony system leads to increases in productivity, data insights into calling activity, and a complete record of prospect and customer interactions. Telephony integrations increase productivity using power dialers, automatic call logging, and click-to-call functionality.

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