7 Tactics for More Effective Sales Voicemails

A/B test your voicemail drops


 With a large percentage of outbound calls resulting in voicemails being left, it is critical to measure the effectiveness and to improve the response rate of voicemails that are being left.


1. On average SDR’s make about 50 calls / day.

2. The average answer rate is only 3 %.  This equates to less than 2 calls being answered.

3. 97% of calls are not answered. This equates to 48 Voicemail’s potentially being left.   This number is a huge percentage of a sales person’s communication to prospects.

4. With A/B testing and continuous optimization of the voicemail messaging, every small percentage improvement in the call back rates will lead to significantly higher conversion rates.   

Best Practices

1. Focus on one single factor at a time.

2. Choose an appropriate sample size to declare a winner.

3. Define your success metric. For example : voicemail with the most call backs will be the winner.

4. Standardize to the winner and then test again changing one different variable for the next test.

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