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Call Logging

Auto-log call data to the right object and field in Salesforce and Zoho CRM.


Instantly make calls out of Salesforce & Zoho with our native click-to-call plugin.

Voicemail Automation

Leave pre-recorded voicemails for leads who don't pick up the phone.


Automatically show local area phone numbers on outbound calls.

Call Disposition

Create custom call disposition codes and sync them to Salesforce.

Multi-Device Calling

Make and receive calls from your computer, IP phones, or your existing phone system.

Trusted by brands - both big and small :)
" Pay has been a game changer for Western Michigan University. We were looking for a phone solution that would assist our Development and Alumni Relations fundraising efforts and simplified our PCI compliance. fit right in our IT roadmap with a strong Salesforce integration and support for our preferred payment gateway."
Jason Long
"We were able to customize's software to enhance our existing processes and integrate detailed call data directly in Salesforce. The detailed KPIs I can now see in Salesforce have made it much easier for me to manage my team. And the best part is that my reps love it. I would highly recommend to any organization looking for a phone system that integrates with Salesforce."
Gary Bailey
"Our entire team uses on a daily basis and it has again and again proven to be a vital part of our business processes. We recently switched our CRM to Hubspot and with's integration our outbound calling campaigns have become increasingly more efficient and effective. has supported every request we lobbed at them and has gone above and beyond in assisting us with this transition. In a crowded vendor market, these guys stand out for the depth of product features and the quality of their customer service."
Jeff Demain
"Pipedrive + is a match made in heaven. We chose Pipedrive for its simplicity and how it allowed our reps to focus on selling, and not on tech, and is the same way. I finally get the visibility into activities that I always wanted and the best part is that my reps love it. I would highly recommend to any sales team looking for a dialer that tightly integrates with Pipedrive."
Ron Poliseno
"MS Dynamics + is a powerful combo. We chose Dynamics because Microsoft understood better than most that CRM is ultimately about building a process that leads to repeatable outcomes. And with we get exactly that when it comes to phone interactions: repeatable outcomes. I would highly recommend to any sales organization that is looking for a telephony platform that is tightly integrated with Dynamics."
Darell Hensley
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