An Analog Social Selling Tool for an Overloaded Digital World

An Analog Social Selling Tool for an Overloaded Digital World

Social Selling

An_analog_social_selling_tool-538199-editedOne of the toughest part of sales is making meaningful contact. Competition for our attention keeps growing. How do you get through to potential leads? Go retro: write a note. It’s the original social selling tool.

Yep, a real handwritten card. A hand-addressed, non-standard envelope sails past gatekeepers who sort out the junk. It’s intriguing and is almost guaranteed to be opened. Call in a few days to see if your prospect received the card. Again, gatekeepers will often connect your call because they remember the card.

I’ve tested this technique myself. I sent handwritten cards to prospects with whom I had zero prior contact. I estimated how many days it would take for the cards to be delivered and then I followed up by phone and email. I was able to reach 90% of the prospects and every single prospect that I spoke to had read my card. Not all of them became customers, but they all read my message.

Not only did they all read and remember my cards, most of them were amused and delighted by the approach. It’s especially effective if you’re selling to other salespeople who are always looking for fresh techniques. 

Tips for Getting Started

  1. Do not use company letterhead. You want this to look like a personal note, which it will be.

  2. Use real stamps, not a postage meter.

  3. Remember to include your contact information or business card.

  4. Allow enough time for the cards to be delivered before following up.

  5. Want an in-person meeting? Write that you’d love to buy them a cup of coffee and enclose a $5 Starbucks card. (Thanks to Nathaniel Elliott for this brilliant idea.)

Have you tried handwritten notes or another creative method of prospecting? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments. 

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