VoIP Keeps the Romance Going!

VoIP is the perfect companion from date 1 to date 10,001. Couples already have so many expenses to worry about, like rent and groceries and car insurance, and they deserve to have a cheap phone service that suits their needs. Couples looking to switch to a cheaper phone service should look no further than VoIP […]

CRM-Enabled Phone System: A Must-Have Outreach Tool for Law Firms

A specific kind of cloud-based software product that’s useful in a wide range of industries is quickly becoming a mainstay for legal offices around America. Law offices that want to stay competitive with the best new cutting-edge technology can use CRM-enabled hosted PBX to craft winning marketing campaigns, stay in touch with clients, and build […]

Top 5 CRM Trends for 2013

The idea of customer relationship management or CRM has come a very long way in a few short years. The convergence of easy Software-as-a-Service systems, powerful cloud-based networking, smaller and more efficient processors, and high-capacity data handling have brought a wide spectrum of new resources to businesses. CRM tools help businesses to reach out to […]