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Call Whisper: Coaching Done Right

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You’re listening to the call recording of a $60k deal negotiations.

The opening is solid, you notice few minor mistakes here and there, but nothing critical. Then the seller starts stressing the importance of a new feature and how customer can benefit from it in the future. You’re smiling internally – it was your idea to add this to the playbook. But the customer stays indifferent, it’s obvious that the new feature doesn’t fit into his current needs.

Oh no, the salesperson continues to push and insists on demoing this new feature right now.

The customer becomes tense and agitated. They clearly express their frustration with the language and tone. The seller? He seems to be completely unaware and doesn’t change his course even a bit.

You get your headphones off in a gesture of exasperation. The deal is lost, it’s obvious now. If only you could be there, during the call, and point that salesperson in a right direction.

Wait… can you?

Call Whisper feature is for you.


  • you’re new to the sales world
  • you’re new to the product
  • you lack confidence
  • you need a bit of guidance.


  • you’re a seasoned sales leader ready to share your knowledge and experience with the new generation


  • you’re a sales manager in search of a tool to ramp up your salesforce fast

We’ve build Call Whisper feature for you.

Start using Call Whisper in 2 clicks.

Yes, it’s that easy.

From within the app you just need to click the “Eye” icon and then connect to the live call that is happening at the moment by clicking the “Call Whisper” icon. If you’re hearing a one-time beep then you’ve done everything right.

For more details head to our support article.


Take the stress out of the incoming call.

No matter what industry you’re in. Salesperson or customer support agent – it is sometimes hard to be the person answering the phone. But you are not alone, your team members are there for you when you need help, contextual information or just a small motivation boost.

Now you can get all of that and even more using Call Whisper feature.

Powerful when used right, call whispering technique can improve agent performance, enhance sales conversations, boost customer satisfaction and lead to a more productive conversation.

Only a feature?

Try it out and tell us!

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