Can You Run Your Business Off Smartphones?


By Holly Aker

With 45 percent of Americans owning smartphones, it’s no surprise more and more companies are opting to swap traditional business phone systems for more mobile, convenient options like smartphones.

Businesses have two options when it comes to replacing desktop phones with smartphones: using smartphones exclusively or using smartphones accompanied by a “virtual” private branch exchange (PBX) or call routing and management services that unify them.

A company with only a handful of employees can easily manage with just using smartphones. However, as the company expands and receives more phone traffic, it can quickly outgrow this option.

Advantages of Adopting Smartphones

When coupled with applications like Ringio, smartphones are turned into the equivalent of a portable office phone. The most significant benefit of these types of applications is increased accessibility. Customers can now reach employees directly at any time, and employees can check their business voicemail without having to return to the office.

Besides improving customer satisfaction and connectivity, these applications offer benefits that include:

  • Masked numbers so a user’s number shows up as the company number
  • Access to the company address book
  • The option to route calls to either smartphone or desktop line

Who It Benefits

While implementing a smartphone-based operation offers many great benefits, it may not be the best solution for all businesses. Large companies, especially those with call centers and other phone-heavy departments, may require more advanced capabilities found in traditional on-premise or web-based business phone systems, similar to what Ringio offers.

However, small and medium-sized companies looking to improve customer service and accessibility can benefit greatly from integrating smartphones into their daily communications.

To read more about business phone systems or how a smartphone-based deployment model can benefit small- to medium-sized business, visit the Software Advice website.

Holly Aker is an editor and writer @ Software Advice.
Kelly Lindner is a contributor @ Software Advice.

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