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Custom Fields – enrich your calls with custom data from your CRM

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Middle of the sales call. Prospect is kinda sorta interested in the product – vacuum cleaner, that does anything you can only imagine, super powerful and helps to get rid of allergens.

Seller is getting tired and even frustrated. It’s noticeable that the prospect is expressing desire to buy, but something is getting in the way of closing the deal.

Seller is looking blankly at his screen with the pop-up conveying the basic information on the prospect pulled from the CRM: name, last name, email, phone, location. If only somehow it could show him the clue on how to persuade the client!

Oh wait.

Actually it can!

As a matter of fact, this company gathered all kinds of information on the list of prospects this seller is calling at the moment. One of the data points – presence of pets in the household.

Yep, this particular prospect has 5(!) cats. There’s probably a lot of fur gathering around the house. Possibly the frustration with all the vacuum cleaners that promise they will handle the fur but actually don’t is overwhelming. If only the screen was showing this information to the seller and not the prospect’s email…

…enter Custom Fields from

In the nutshell: you can pull any data from your CRM and put it in front of the sales person during the call.

Neat, isn’t it?

Next time our seller calls, he sees information that is relevant to vacuum cleaning, and he can reap the benefits of the database his company gathered.

5 cats AND a dog? – Now he knows what to emphasize during the call.  

Explore Custom Fields from and see how it can change the way you handle your sales calls!

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