How Analysis of Call Dispositions can increase your Sales ROI

How Analysis of Call Dispositions can increase your Sales ROI

Sales Acceleration

Benefits of Call Dispositions

  • Using dispositions saves time. Instead of writing long lengthy logs, you can label the outcome of the calls quickly.
  • All dispositions are logged into Salesforce or Zoho automatically.
  • After logging call dispositions, it’s easy to analyze data and monitor call activity and their patterns.

Examples of Call Dispositions and what they may mean

Left Voicemail

  • Track whom you’ve dropped a voicemail to so you can track callback rates and also determine the effectiveness of the numbers being dialed.
  • Determine the best time to call based on when the pickup rate is highest.
  • A high rate of ‘Left Voicemail’ may mean that RingLocal should be considered. Calling from a local number can significantly increase pick up rates because prospects are familiar with the area code.

GateKeeper Reached

  • A high rate may mean that the sales team cannot get past the receptionist so they may need more training.

Meeting Set

  • A high rate will mean that the campaign strategy is effective.
  • A low rate means the Campaign strategy needs revision.

Decision Maker reached

  • You want this to be high and trending higher over time.
  • Track how many calls it took to get to the Decision Maker.

Not interested

  • When a high number of people aren’t interested you may want to change the offer.

Do Not Call

  • Lets you easily track that the person has requested to not be called again.
  • The system does not allow calls to them in the future

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