How To Increase Sales Team Productivity With a Click-to-Call Dialer

Increase Sales Team Productivity With a Click-to-Call Dialer

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Increase_sales_team_productivity_with_a_click-to-call_dialerIn today’s hyper-competitive sales environment, sales managers are looking for any advantage to make their sales teams more productive. Buyers have more choices and more ways to research them than ever before. Any opportunity to increase sales team productivity is given consideration by sales managers looking for an edge. Sales technology is the force multiplier of choice for many growth-oriented companies. 

Many successful companies turn to a click-to-call dialer to increase sales team productivity. It enables more sales touchpoints and increases the quality of sales team interactions with customers. 

What is a click-to-call dialer?

A click-to-call dialer is a telephone system that integrates with your CRM to enhance sales team productivity. The sales rep clicks on a telephone number field in a contact’s CRM record to initiate a phone call with a prospect. A good click-to-call power dialer:

  • integrates with multiple CRM systems to track sales activity
  • lets sales reps initiate calls directly from a CRM screen
  • automatically logs call activity into the CRM
  • records phone calls and stores them in the CRM for evaluation and analysis
  • provides sales managers with analytics that help them identify best practices of high-performers so that they can be built into the sales process

Simply put, a click-to-call dialer enables more calls per hour and improves the quality of conversations to increase sales team productivity.

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