How to Quickly Onboard Successful Sales Reps

How to Quickly Onboard Successful Sales Reps

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How_To_Quickly_Onboard_Successful_Sales_RepsOnboarding time for new sales reps can vary widely across industries and can depend as much on the new hire’s past experience as your onboarding program. While it’s important not to rush the onboarding process – new hires need adequate time to learn, observe, internalize, and practice the sales process ­– there’s no reason to draw the process out longer than necessary.

Worse, an inefficient onboarding program can mean that your sales manager’s time is spent ramping up new hires, rather than strengthening relationships with sales prospects and closing deals. Don’t let an inefficient onboarding process drag down your sales team. Follow these four tips to quickly onboarding successful sales reps.

1. Create an online resource library

Reading through stacks of new sales information for eight hours each day is not only boring, but also a guaranteed way to cause information overload. New hires won’t remember everything on the first try.

To make it easier for your new sales reps to review and study material, create an online resource library. From your sales scripts to your pitch decks, include all relevant material in a comprehensive resource library that’s accessible via Dropbox, Box or another cloud sharing service.

We recommend including best practice documents (e.g., how to respond to common lead objections), cold call and voice mail scripts, and modifiable templates for sales emails and email subject lines. The more you can do to help your sales reps internalize new information, the faster they will be able to ramp up at their job.

2. Teach time management skills

Poor time management is a leading cause for sales rep problems. Every individual has a different style for managing their day: some may be consummate multi-taskers, others may benefit from turning off email for an hour each day.

However, a failure to effectively plan and prioritize each day means that your new reps won’t meet their numbers. Work with your new sales reps to help them set daily activity goals and identify which times of the day they would be best served to focus on specific activities.

Most sales teams work in open offices, so distractions are inevitable. Motivate your new rep with a tiered reward structure that keeps them focused on the task at hand and discourages procrastination.

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