How to win (inside sales) friends and influence (sales) people

How to win (inside sales) friends and influence (sales) people



Sales performance. We all want it. We all seek it. But we don’t all get it.

Truth is, there’s a strong correlation between performance and motivation. 

Motivation can be extrinsic or instrinsic.

Extrinsic motivation comes from the outside and is driven by rewards (comp plans) and the threat of punishment (performance plans).

Intrinsic motivation comes from the inside. Most famously Daniel Pink explored 3 desires that drive it:

  • Mastery – the desire to get better at something, to be its master. 

  • Autonomy – the desire to operate independently and without external interference.

  • Purpose – the desire for an outcome to matter in the broader context, to make a difference.

The thing to remember about these two sources of motivation is that science has proven that intrinsic motivation is several times more powerful than extrinsic motivation. When it comes to getting other people to do what you want, carrots & sticks will only get you so far.

In other words, you can be a slave driver, but after you take into account all the “deaths” and productivity drops that happen when you’re not around, your ability to impact outcomes will be severely limited.

A better formula for winning over your team and becoming a true influencer of their performance:

  • Help your reps gain mastery

    • help them grow their deal size
    • let them take credit for deals, even if you had a bunch of work to do
    • create an environment where mistakes are learning opportunities – take one for the team if it comes down to it.
  • Help your reps feel autonomy.

    • maybe you can be flexible about work hours, or work location
    • maybe there’s some tools that they hate using
    • maybe there’s room to pursue their vertical or market of interest
  • Help your reps understand purpose.

    • just because you understand what hitting the numbers means for the company doesn’t mean that they do – be explicit about explaining.
    • relate the company goals to their goals, needs and personality
    • be inspirational – your drive will permeate in their own drive

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