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With superior CRM integrations, better support, and reliable infrastructure, is a great alternative for customers.

CRM Integration Comparison

  • was built with tight CRM integration as a priority.
  • Unlike, our Salesforce integration is highly customizable and can easily be tuned to fit your workflow.
  • Customize call logging to log calls as tasks, activities, and case updates in Salesforce depending on call length and other factiors.
  • Route inbound callers based on data from Salesforce.

Telephony Comparison
Full Stack Telephony
Live Call Status
Group Voicemails
Automated Call Recording
Voicemail Drop
Device Independence
  • sits on top of your existing phone system.
  • is a full stack telephony provider, meaning we provide everything from phone numbers to VoIP and minutes. We can also integrate with your existing system.
  • was built for outbound use, their inbound calling features are lacking compared to’s.

Support and Reliability

  • Our entire customer support team is based in the United States and we offer both online and offline training.
  • Our team is highly knowledgable in telephony and can help you with setup, network optimization, and more.
  • We transparently publish our uptime status on a public facing web page in real time.

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