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Ring.io+ Microsoft Dynamics

It all starts with sales rep productivity

Prepare for takeoff as you add Ring.io’s integrated sales dialer to Microsoft Dynamics. Get more dials, more connects, and have better conversations than ever before.

Ring.io allows your reps to power dial and click to call right from within Microsoft Dynamics, Voicemail Drop and auto-log all their activities to Microsoft Dynamics, including call recordings, call dispositions, and notes.

Schedule demos, appointments and follow-ups with one click. Send SMS like a champ.

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Better data = higher conversion rates

Better data = higher conversion rates

Sales performance is all about understanding what works and what doesn’t, then tweaking the process until it becomes perfect.

Don’t fly blind anymore. Ring.io has the most comprehensive data logging framework for phone calls in Microsoft Dynamics.

With a rich data set and easy to understand reporting, you’ll be levelling up your team’s performance in no time.

Teams that call together win together

Sales is a team sport! With Ring.io’s Live Monitor and Eavesdrop, you can easily spot how your players our doing, what is the score, and gamify their stats.

Join in on a live call, see how far the team got today, and spot your call leaders in one glance.

Know exactly what percent of calls reach a decision maker, go to voicemail, or reach a wrong number.

Track how many calls it takes to set a meeting and close a deal to truly understand the value of each dial.

Teams that call together win together
Customize like a pro (with no need for a pro)

Customize like a pro (with no need for a pro)

You built your sales process to fit your team and your market needs – and Ring.io fits right in there like a glove. Our telephony platform is simple to configure and exceedingly powerful, scaling from solo to 200 person call centers.

Customize dispositions, next actions, lead updates, workflows, automated actions, validation, what fields get displayed, how calls should get logged, how to distribute leads, and hundreds of other settings so your team can run like a well-oiled machine

MS Dynamics + Ring.io is a powerful combo. We chose Dynamics because Microsoft understood better than most that CRM is ultimately about building a process that leads to repeatable outcomes. And with Ring.io we get exactly that when it comes to phone interactions: repeatable outcomes. I would highly recommend Ring.io to any sales organization that is looking for a telephony platform that is tightly integrated with Dynamics.Darell Hensley, President at GM Voices GM Voices