Seamless call integration inside Zendesk Support system for the best customer service

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Work in one system, use Zendesk to its fullest

No more switching between the apps: receive, make and synchronize calls straight from Zendesk for better productivity and time saving.

Zendesk integration is a perfect-match solution for customer service teams.

Gather all insights and customer information in one centralized hub for better context, expanding Zendesk into a fully-fledged call center.
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Trouble-free ticket creation and update

Trouble-free ticket creation and update

The second an agent picks up call magic starts happening.

Support ticket gets created and opened at the user’s screen, it is also assigned automatically or according to your custom rules.

You can take notes not to miss out on that one thing that will get your client happy.

Got a returning call? – The system will update the existing ticket for you.

The one place of truth integration lets you effortlessly add telephony and call center features to your Zendesk. 

You get the X-ray view into what’s going on inside your support team.

One source of all the information you need in order to move forward with the particular client issue.

Highly customizable, easy to set up, pleasant and intuitive to use.

The one place of truth
Data auto-capturing

Data auto-capturing

Get your data flowing freely from its creation to the dashboard for future analysis.

Logged automatically: date, time, name, recording and voicemail.

No more guessing what went right or wrong during the communication.

All your customer interaction history is one click away, which provides deeper insights and faster decision making.