CRM-Enabled Phone System: A Must-Have Outreach Tool for Law Firms

CRM-Enabled Phone System: A Must-Have Outreach Tool for Law Firms

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crm phone software for law firmA specific kind of cloud-based software product that’s useful in a wide range of industries is quickly becoming a mainstay for legal offices around America. Law offices that want to stay competitive with the best new cutting-edge technology can use CRM-enabled hosted PBX to craft winning marketing campaigns, stay in touch with clients, and build an operation that generates return business over time.

Private branch exchange or PBX solutions provide offices with better equipped phone systems that are more scalable and, often, more compatible with additional technologies. One value-added feature to many PBX systems is called customer relationship management or CRM. While the nature of CRM resources can vary quite a bit, many of the most popular designs focus on creating a rich visual context for customer information. CRM that is introduced into office phone or PBX systems brings these valuable data displays directly to staff members, to help the business listen to its customers, stay engaged and involved, and follow through on delivering the products and services that individual customers want.

How CRM-Enabled Systems Help Legal Firms

In a new-tech world where traditional print and radio ads are being replaced with complex digital campaigns, law offices are looking everywhere to get new clients. This includes reaching out through large scale web sites, mobile phone applications, technology kiosks, or other kinds of hardware/software delivery systems. At the same time, some of the most visionary firms are also looking at tools to not only attract new clients, but to keep existing clients.

That’s where CRM comes in. Office phone systems using integrated CRM can deliver all sorts of information to paralegals, attorneys or anyone else who is in consultation with an existing client or new prospect. Demographic and personal information, as well as purchasing history, budgeting, and more, are directly available to help a firm’s representatives negotiate further services and payment.

Financial details are often one of the most important items that law firms can get from CRM systems when they are talking to clients. Without this kind of information, it can be hard to figure out what services clients will request, and what services they can pay for. The legal field includes a lot of price point concerns on the part of the average customer. Having good CRM available can help these businesses work through these issues quickly, rather than losing clients to a protracted negotiation process.

Having good CRM can also help legal teams figure out exactly what their clients need. Within a general practice, there are often several sub-specialties, and a wide range of different services that can be offered, depending on the exact legal situation that a client is facing. All of this data, and much more, can be built into great visual interfaces that will immediately spring up when a call is generated, so that they are on hand for the staff members who need them.

Take a look at Ringio’s cloud-based, CRM-enabled office phone systems to see how these kinds of upgrades can really benefit a law firm or office and provide a good “value for cost” to help propel a legal business toward more visibility and a greater footprint within its service community.

Justin Stoltzfus is a freelance writer covering technology and business solutions at Techopedia and Business Finance Store, as well as Ringio’s blog, focusing on emerging trends in IT services.

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