A new way to accept credit cards over the phone, simply done

Product Announcements

We recently launched Ring.io Pay, a simple add-on to Ring.io’s dialer and call center offering, or a fully stand-alone product that enables sales teams, advancement teams, fundraising organizations, and collections call centers to accept credit card payments over the phone and simplifies their PCI compliance efforts.

accept credit card payments over the phone
accept credit card payments over the phone

Ring.io Pay allows agents to assist callers with a payment and masks the cardholder data from the agent. The agent can see progress towards credit card entry in an IVR while being able to stay on the line to assist with any card entry problems.

Pay can also work as a fully automated IVR line.

Ring.io Pay can send transaction info to 6 different payment gateways, with more on the way. And payment / subscription info can also be stored in any of 5 CRMs or in your own custom backend via the Ring.io API.

If you process payments, or are planning to, let’s talk.

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