Improve Lead Conversion

Automatically create new leads from phone calls and track call conversion by channel.

Maximize Campaign ROI

Convert More Leads

Align Sales and Marketing

Deliver More Revenue with Every Call

Control how your calls are handled and ensure the sales team is delivering the right message at the right time. Get the data you need to optimize your marketing spend with one platform.

Convert More Leads

Convert More Leads

With’s custom routing logic easily route inbound calls to the rep that is most likely to convert the call. When the phone rings your sales team will see a custom screen pop indicating the campaign to ensure the sales team is delivering the right message to your leads to maximize conversion.

Maximize Campaign ROI

Track the source of each call so you know what’s working. Get quantitative data and qualitative feedback on every call to understand the ROI of your campaigns. Intelligently route inbound calls based on CRM data like lead source, lead score or the last collateral downloaded to increase conversion.

Maximize Campaign ROI
Align Sales and Marketing

Align Sales and Marketing

Record and store every call to understand the quality of leads being delivered. Collect custom data from sales based on channel, source or campaign with questionnaires. Automatically input the data into your CRM to optimize campaign performance in real-time.

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Call Logging

Auto-log call data to the right object and field in Salesforce and Zoho CRM.


A complete calling productivity dashboard in Salesforce.


Instantly calls out of your CRM with our native click-to-call plugin.

Salesforce Call Distribution

Automatically route inbound calls to the right person.

Call Disposition

Create custom call disposition codes and sync them to Salesforce.

Live Call Monitoring

Monitor live calls and listen in on your team with one click.

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