The High Performance Sales Playbook

A free guide for sales leaders on structuring and growing high performance inside sales teams.

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Download the High Performance Sales Playbook to learn the keys to creating a successful sales team and sales process.

In our eBook, you will learn:

  • How to create a sales culture focused on constant execution and improvement.
  • How to build the right compensation plan for your sales team.
  • The perfect sales process in 7 steps.

Get answers to important sales management questions like:

  • Should you focus on inbound or outbound?
  • How do you define roles and responsibilities?
  • What signs should you look for when hiring salespeople?
  • How do you motivate and inspire your sales team?
  • How do you identify which customers to target?

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Brian Zang absolutely loves sales. His focus is on optimizing employee productivity and organizational structure to achieve maximum performance. In his most recent role, Brian helped ShopKeep grow from less than 1M in ARR to over 20M in three years. He is now the CRO at where he is helping the team deliver software that makes it easier for salespeople to generate revenue.Brian Zang, Sales Booster at ShopKeep ShopKeep

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