Ringio Video for Sales 3 use cases

Ring.io Video for Sales: 3 use cases

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Imagine being on a phone call and, with just a click, catapulting that conversation into a dynamic video call complete with screen sharing. No complicated setups, no pesky installations—just pure, engaging interaction. Dive into the world of sales with these three electrifying use cases for such a game-changing software!

1 Product Demonstrations and Walkthroughs


Picture this: A curious customer rings up, buzzing with questions about a particular product. But oh, the limitations of a simple phone call! How can the salesperson truly paint the vibrant picture of its features and benefits through mere words?

Use Case:

With a dash of tech magic, the salesperson zips a link through SMS or email. Tap that link and voila! The conversation morphs into a vivid video showcase. Now, it’s showtime! The salesperson dazzles with a live tour, unfolding the product’s features in vibrant detail. It’s like watching a live trailer rather than just hearing about the movie plot. Potential clients don’t just hear—they see the magic unfold, understanding the product inside and out.

turn any call to video

2 Customized Sales Proposals and Quotations


Picture a B2B sales maestro on the line with a keen business client. This client isn’t looking for just any solution – they crave a custom-made masterpiece. As the conversation flows, the sales guru senses the moment is ripe. Why wait? They begin crafting a bespoke proposal, tailor-made, right then and there on the call. It’s the art of sealing the deal in real-time!

Use Case:

In a swift digital dance, the sales rep flings a video call link to the client. As they dive deep into conversation, the rep unveils a thrilling live show. They share their screen, unveiling dynamic pricing tools, jazzing up a proposal on-the-fly, or spotlighting crucial documents. It’s not just talk—it’s a transparent, collaborative performance, weaving trust and speeding up those pivotal decisions.


3 Immediate Customer Support with Sales Integration


Ring, ring! A customer dials the support line, a puzzle they can’t solve alone. But as the support heroes dive into the troubleshooting maze, a lightbulb moment! This customer isn’t just in need of a fix; they’re ripe for an upgrade or perhaps an extra sprinkle of services. Opportunity knocks in the most unexpected places!

Use Case:

With a slick digital handoff, the support agent passes the baton to a sales ace, sending over a snazzy video link. In a flash, the scene transforms: the sales rep, using the magic of screen sharing, paints a vivid picture of the shiny new product or service, drawing comparisons and guiding through the onboarding dance. It’s more than just troubleshooting—it’s an upgrade extravaganza, opening doors to upsells and delightful discoveries!


Lights, camera, sales action! While nothing beats a good ol’ face-to-face chat, video swoops in as the silver screen star of sales. Want to outshine the competition? It’s time to roll with video in your sales arsenal. Dive in and discover the magic of Ring.io’s video prowess. Curtain’s up!

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