7 Awesome and Free Chrome Extensions for Salespeople

7 Awesome and Free Chrome Extensions for Salespeople

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1. Momentum

Momentum turns your new tab into a daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and productivity. Everyday, your new tab screen changes to a new background of a beautiful, exotic place. There’s also a new motivational quote everyday. The best part of Momentum is the daily to do list. You can add 1 main task for each day, and put other tasks in the to do list in the right hand corner. With Momentum, you are reminded of the tasks you need to complete whenever you open a new tab.

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2. Vibe

If you found Rapportive useful before it only showed the recipient’s LinkedIn profile, then you’ll love Vibe. Vibe turns email addresses into fully updated profiles, so you can know more about each prospect you email. Unlike Rapportive, Vibe pulls from a few different social profiles and is not confined to Gmail. You can hover over any email on a webpage to get more information.

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3. Salesforce Navigator

Salesforce’s user interface is perfectly intuitive for some people, but painfully confusing for others. It can be especially hard to get to the pages that have the data you’re looking for. Salesforce navigator adds a search bar to Salesforce that helps you get to any page much faster. Just type and the extension will automatically update to show you the pages that match your query.

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4. Datanyze Insider 

Datanyze’s Insider extension is one of the only free sales prospecting extensions available. With each page you visit, the Insider extension will pull information from social networks, Alexa, and Datanyze’s data on what tools the website is using. You can also find emails and export to LinkedIn and Salesforce.

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5. Followup.cc for Gmail 

The Followup.cc Chrome extension gives you more control over how you use email. It lets you set reminders to reply to emails, schedule emails to be sent later, and track when your emails are opened. This extension can help you use email for sales more effectively.

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6. Guru

While currently only available to a select few, the Guru Chrome extension will change how your sales team shares knowledge with each other. Instead of a clunky Google Doc or unorganized and out of data sales wiki, the Guru extension seamlessly integrates with your CRM and email tools to make it easier to collect and share sales knowledge.

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7. Crystal for Gmail

As most salespeople know, different people have different email preferences. Some prefer short and to-the-point emails, while others are a bit friendlier when communicating over email. Finding the best way to communicate with someone usually takes some time, but not with Crystal. This Chrome extension automatically detects how someone likes to be emailed and recommends steps you can take to optimize your email for the recipient.

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