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You’re sipping your morning coffee when your phone rings. You check the caller ID, but instead of your friend’s name, it reads “Potential Spam.” Frustrated, you ignore the call. But what if it was an important business call? This is a challenge many organizations face, leading to dropped connection rates and lost opportunities.

Enter the heroes of our story: STIR and SHAKEN. No, they’re not the latest celebrity couple, but something far more critical to the telecommunication world. Let’s dive into this world and discover how uses STIR/SHAKEN to ensure your calls always find their mark!

A Brief Affair with STIR/SHAKEN

STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) are protocols developed to combat caller ID spoofing. Caller ID spoofing is when scammers and telemarketers change the caller ID to trick you into picking up. With STIR/SHAKEN, calls go through a rigorous digital verification process, ensuring that they’re coming from a legitimate source.

Attestation: The Stamp of Authenticity

At the heart of STIR/SHAKEN is the concept of “attestations”. Think of it like a stamp of authenticity:

  1. Full Attestation (A-level): This is the gold standard. It says, “I know the caller and the number, and they have the right to use it.” For example, a call from your bank’s official number would have this stamp.
  1. Partial Attestation (B-level): This one states, “I know the caller, but I’m not sure about the number.” Imagine your friend calling from a new number. You recognize their voice but not the number. That’s a B-level situation.
  1. Gateway Attestation (C-level): The most basic level. It merely says, “I’ve routed this call.” It’s like a mailman delivering a letter without knowing the sender. to the Rescue!

Now, you might wonder how this techie stuff affects your business. That’s where steps in! has seamlessly implemented STIR/SHAKEN, working diligently behind the scenes to ensure your calls have the best possible attestations. Here’s how they’re turning the tide in favor of businesses:

  • Higher Connection Rates: With’s integration of STIR/SHAKEN, the calls you make will be stamped with authenticity. This means fewer calls being tagged as “spam” or “fraud” and more happy conversations with your clients.
  • Building Trust: When clients see that your calls are legitimate, it establishes trust. With, your organization’s reputation is safeguarded.
  • Simple and Smooth: The beauty of’s integration is its simplicity. You don’t need to be a tech genius to benefit from it. takes care of the complexities, leaving you to focus on what you do best: connecting with people.

Imagine This…

Let’s set the scene. You run a boutique agency, and you’re trying to reach out to a potential client, Jane. Without STIR/SHAKEN, when you call Jane, her phone might flag your call as “Potential Spam,” causing Jane to ignore or even block you. 

But with’s STIR/SHAKEN integration, when you call Jane, your call gets the A-level attestation. Jane sees it’s a legitimate call, picks up, and voilà! You just landed a new project!


In the vast ocean of telecommunication, STIR/SHAKEN is the lighthouse guiding our calls to safe shores. By partnering with and its impeccable implementation of STIR/SHAKEN, businesses can now breathe easy, knowing that their calls will be seen, heard, and, most importantly, trusted. So, let’s raise our glasses (or phones) to a world where every call counts! Cheers!

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