The Ringio SNAP Selling Review

The Ringio SNAP Selling Review

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snap-selling-twitter-imagePut yourself in the shoes of today’s corporate buyer for a moment. You’re in a high-level position, in a lean organization where every dollar and minute of time takes on added importance. You’ve got tons of resources for conducting research, but little time to sort through them. A nine-to-five workday seems like a distant dream. Oh, and the decisions you make will play a major role in whether your lean, mean organization turns into the consistently profitable beast you know it can become.

No pressure.

In her latest book SNAP Selling, the prolific Jill Konrath describes the modern buyer as “frazzled,” and “crazy busy.” With so many demands on a buyer’s time and resources, it’s difficult for the seller to advance the process to a buying decision. But you already knew that. The great thing about SNAP Selling is that Konrath paints a clear picture of the modern buyer and lays out a plan for how to reach them effectively.

Out With The Old

Consultative selling isn’t dead, but the rules have changed. The modern buyer simply doesn’t have the time or desire to engage in a comprehensive Q&A session up front. Before you can reach the consultative point, you need to build trust in the eyes of the buyer. 

As Konrath lays out so well in SNAP Selling, it’s all about anticipation. You need to lead the conversation; using your research, past experience, and real time decision-making skills to anticipate and address your buyer’s needs. Show the buyer you understand their position, and they’ll be willing to invest their time in a more detailed, consultative discussion.

SNAP Selling to Reach the Modern Buyer

The insights in SNAP Selling are more than worth reading in detail for yourself, but there are a few points in particular that stand out. Konrath identifies the three key decisions buyers make when choosing whether to buy from you.

  • First, they evaluate your outreach to determine whether meeting you is worth their time.

  • Next, they decide whether buying from you is worth the time it takes to change from their previous vendor.

  • If you pass those two tests, the buyer then decides whether your solution is their best option.

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