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What Salespeople Really Want From CRM

The CRM is the data warehouse where every customer touchpoint should be stored and key insights about your customers and potential customers should be kept.  When done properly this data can be analyzed to increase customer happiness and can serve as the fuel for Sales and Marketing teams to accelerate growth.  

7 Salesforce Integrations to Accelerate Sales Productivity

1. Email Tracking & Automation Email tracking will let you know when prospects open your email and how they interact with the email. What links are your prospects clicking? Are they opening emails on mobile or in the office? All of this information can be found by tracking your sales emails. Email tracking and automation […]

5 Benefits of CRM Telephony

Integrating your CRM and telephony is an easy way to increase efficiency. It also provides your reps with some valuable tools to improve call performance – both in the moment, and over the long term. As a team leader, tight CRM/telephony integration makes it easy to save and access the call recordings that are so […]

5 Sales Operations Trends and 10 Tools Driving Sales Productivity

One of the big trends in sales productivity is that data is becoming more accessible. It’s easier than ever to collect data from disparate sources, pull it together, and make data-driven decisions throughout your sales organization. So it probably comes as no surprise that our five major trends driving sale productivity increases are heavy on […]