VoIP Keeps the Romance Going!


VoIP is the perfect companion from date 1 to date 10,001. Couples already have so many expenses to worry about, like rent and groceries and car insurance, and they deserve to have a cheap phone service that suits their needs. Couples looking to switch to a cheaper phone service should look no further than VoIP technology.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the nifty modern technology that transports phone calls over the Internet, instead of transporting them over old fashioned landlines and cell towers. VoIP is much cheaper than traditional phone service, and often falls between $5 to $10/month per user

All couples, from young lovers to retired couples, can use a little extra savings each month with an effective phone plan. Here’s how VoIP saves couples money at all stages of their relationship:

VoIP for Young Love

New couples love to talk. Communication is key to a relationship, and it’s important to discuss things like the next date or a future vacation together, or simple things like how a day at work went. However, all that talking can turn into a huge phone bill at the end of the month. VoIP offers free, unlimited calling between two people with the same VoIP service. And in addition, VoIP providers offer plans with unlimited calling to any number in the US, long distance or local, without any high per minute fees. With VoIP, there is no need for new couples to cut off conversations just because minutes are running low.

VoIP for Long Distance Relationships
For those couples who met on vacation, or those couples with faraway jobs, VoIP’s unlimited calling extends nationwide. So no matter if he’s in Denver while she’s in New York, couples can still have unlimited talk without worrying about long distance fees.

Internet phone providers also offers some great mobile features for couples on the go. Most VoIP providers offer mobile apps for iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, laptops, tablets, and iPods. Couples might not always be in the same city, but they can still enjoy cheap phone service as they contact with each other.

VoIP for the Honeymoon

International rates can be a real pain in any trip, but VoIP has all honeymooning couples covered.

Traditional phone providers charge anywhere from $0.20/minute to $1.50/minute when calling from many popular international destinations. VoIP providers, however, charge pennies by the minute, and several VoIP providers offer unlimited talking to certain major international countries, depending on the provider’s global plan. Most global plans can offer unlimited calling from 30-60 different major countries around the world.

VoIP for Calling the Kids and Grandkids

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby with IP video conferencing. It’s not always wise for couples with small children to travel on crowded airlines or trains, but VoIP services with options in IP video can help relatives stay in touch when travel isn’t possible. Grandparents and relatives will be able to stay connected with the couple and the newborns with face-to-face chat. This saves new parents quite a bit of travel expenses while staying close to the family.

Retired couples with grown up children scattered around the country can also benefit from this VoIP feature. Traveling state-to-state to see each family member isn’t always financially feasible to do in the same year. Retired couples can stay connected to all family members and loved ones unlimitedly from the comfort of their own home using IP video conferencing.

This Valentine’s Day, all couples can enjoy the perks of VoIP. VoIP gives couples the option of cheap national and international phone service while connected to loved ones and to each other at all stages of their romance. It’s holiday of love, shouldn’t couples love their phone service too?

Rachel Greenberg is the editor for www.voipreview.org. She’s a guest writer for Ringio.

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