What Can You Learn from Your Sales Call Logs?

What Can You Learn from Your Sales Call Logs?

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Your sales reps spend a ton of time on the phone, setting up and closing deals. Even with all of today’s technology, the telephone is still the beating heart of every thriving sales office.

Your sales call logs are home to a wealth of valuable data, if you know where to look.

By taking a careful look at the key data points in your call log, you can maximize efficiency, optimize your overall calling strategies, and get a data-based grasp on what it takes to qualify a lead. 

How Many Calls Does it Take to Close a Deal?

By understanding how many calls it takes, on average, to close different types of deals, you can help your reps plot more efficient paths to conversion.

It’s also important to understand the point at which you know a deal won’t be closed, so that your reps can invest less time trying to convert dead-end leads. Here are two key points to analyze:

Does the size of a deal impact how many calls it takes to close that deal?

It’s natural for larger deals to require more calls to more people before you close. If small deals are taking just as long as large ones, it may be time to rethink your lead-generation and calling strategy for smaller buyers.

Does the source of a lead impact how long it takes to convert that lead?

In general, inbound leads should be easier to convert, because the prospect has demonstrated some interest simply by finding your inbound content. Outbound leads will typically require a little more convincing from your reps.

Are You Qualifying Leads Effectively?

Your call logs will also give you some insight into the effectiveness of your marketing and sales outreach initiatives. Develop a strong understanding of which sources yield the strongest leads, and how many calls it takes to disqualify leads from different sources.

You’ll also want to look at whether the length of a sales call indicates the strength of the lead.

How long does it take to disqualify a lead?

Even the most successful sales reps can benefit from better understanding when to cut bait on a shaky lead. It saves time, and allows your reps to focus on leads with a better chance of conversion.

Do longer calls mean increased interest from the prospect?

A long sales call is almost always a good sign for your chances of converting. Disinterested prospects don’t make a habit of sticking around for lengthy calls.

As you can see, your sales call logs contain valuable data about more than just individual phone calls.
By looking at the trends and acting on what you learn, you will improve your reps’ phone skills, streamline your lead-qualification process, and better understand how many calls it takes to close a deal. The data is waiting for you, so there’s no reason to let it collect dust.

Dive into your sales call logs today, and you might be surprised by just how much you learn.

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