Why We're Partnering With Zoho CRM

Why We’re Partnering With Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

zoho_pngToday we’re announcing a partnership with Zoho and a new, marquee CRM telephony integration with Zoho CRM, their flagship business application.

We’re proud of this because of what it means for our joint customers.

The Ringio Power Dialer for Zoho CRM exists today because hundreds of small and medium sized businesses came to us asking for it.

In conversations with customers, we frequently heard: “do you work with Zoho CRM?”. We’d dig a bit to find out what exactly sales teams wanted, and the answer was: “we want the tools that the big guys use in the call center but with simplicity and affordability”.

And that’s, in a nutshell, something we truly believe in at Ringio. It’s also something that is core to Zoho’s company philosophy: build software that is powerful in its simplicity, custom-fit for small but growing businesses, and gets the job done.

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