Increase Sales Calling Productivity by 2x

Increase Sales Calling Productivity by 2x’s Salesforce CTI Integration helps sales teams boost productivity team-wide with Salesforce integrated telephony features.

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Before, we were calling from our cell phones and manually logging call data in Salesforce. Now, we just click to call and all of the data we need is automatically logged. We can really get in a rhythm when calling and we’ve seen our sales productivity double as a result.Andrew Panella, Business Development Manager at Brazen Brazen

Gain Insight into Sales Performance

Understand how your team is performing and what you could do to remove obstacles and bottlenecks.

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Gain Insight into Sales Performance
We were able to customize’s software to enhance our existing processes and integrate detailed call data directly in Salesforce. The detailed KPIs I can now see in Salesforce have made it much easier for me to manage my team. And the best part is that my reps love it. I would highly recommend to any organization looking for a phone system that integrates with Salesforce.Gary Bailey, VP of Direct Sales at Credibly Credibly
Get a Phone System Made For You

Get a Phone System Made For You replaces your current phone system with a seamlessly integrated and easy to use telephony solution.

  • Connect any phone to Salesforce including IP phones, softphones, and cell phones.
  • Get crystal clear VoIP quality when dialing out of Salesforce.
  • Improve the caller experience by routing inbound calls using Salesforce fields.
  • 100% uptime so you can make and receive calls with confidence.

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We have a highly customized Salesforce implementation which made just about every other solution unusable. has the ultimate in Salesforce integration flexibility and gave us exactly what we needed quickly. And they have been hyper-responsive ever since to accommodate changes to our workflow and systems. They are a great solution for a growing sales-driven company.Carlton van Putten, Chief Revenue Officer at Payline Data Payline Data