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Sales Productivity


Ring.io’s dialer helps sales teams make more calls, set more meetings, and close more deals. Unleash your reps’ full potential by automating their phone prospecting tasks:

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Inbound Call Routing


Easily route incoming calls to the most appropriate person in your team, using data from your CRM, no matter the call volume. Never drop a warm lead or valuable customer.

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Coaching & Training


Increase call connections, improve rep performance, and optimize every dial for better results with powerful coaching and training tools.

  • Record your sales calls and have them posted to your CRM.
  • Listen to live phone calls, track daily call metrics and gamify your prospecting with Live Monitor.
  • Be on top of every conversion rate and find the critical trends and correlations of your prospecting efforts with advanced analytics in RingInsights.
  • Collect critical data simply with

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Accept Phone Payments


Ring.io Pay is the fastest way to accept credit card payments over the phone while staying PCI compliant. Make more sales, collections or donations.

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We have a highly customized Salesforce implementation which made just about every other solution unusable. Ring.io has the ultimate in Salesforce integration flexibility and gave us exactly what we needed quickly. And they have been hyper-responsive ever since to accommodate changes to our workflow and systems. They are a great solution for a growing sales-driven company.
Carlton van Putten, Chief Revenue Officer at Payline Data Payline Data

6 Reasons to pick Ring.io

You could roll it out today

It’s easy to get set up with Ring.io! You’ll be calling from your CRM in minutes with absolutely nothing to configure, and smart defaults for most things you may like to customize.

It will fit your CRM like a glove

We regularly hear from customers that Ring.io has the best CRM integrations in the market. See for yourself how Ring.io can adapt to your particular sales process, and not the other way round.

Free to try, easy to buy

Don’t settle for any vendor that demos their platform – try it for yourself. Ring.io’s free trial will have your team calling in no time and then you can buy in just a few clicks, with no gimmicks.

Modern software that reps will love

Most dialers suck and are infuriating to use. Your reps deserve the best, because a highly usable platform results in more calls. Give them the best.

Capture all the right data automatically

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. With Ring.io you can measure all the things: connect rates, call to meeting set ratios, pickup rates, call volumes, talk time by rep, effectiveness of voicemail messages, who pitches well and who bumbles on calls.

Simple, haggle-free pricing

Don’t pay for minutes. Don’t get locked into a long term commitment. Don’t accept paying for licenses you don’t need. Scale up and down as your team grows or shrinks. 21st century pricing, right?

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