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While working in the call center industry, our founders, Sam Aparicio and Ashish Soni, had an idea. Sam & Ashish led the product & technology teams at Angel.com (Acquired by Genesys), one of the first SaaS providers of IVR and Cloud Call Center technology.

At Angel.com, they built high availability telephony systems for companies like Adidas and the Red Cross. In the process they learned how valuable this kind of tech was for Fortune 500 companies.

These large companies had the ability to keep track of every detail of every customer that called. They knew their customers’ demographics, notes from every employee who interacted with that customer, and the problems these customers had. Even the outbound salespeople were armed with this critical information that they could use to close deals.

Sam and Ashish made it their mission to deliver this productivity enhancing technology to businesses of all sizes so they could grow by making sales and customer interactions more personalized and effective. Since launching in 2010, Ring.io has helped thousands of businesses grow by enabling better customer experiences.

Executive Leadership


Sam Aparicio

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

A widely recognized thought leader in the areas of usability, interface design and software innovation, and an entrepreneur at heart, Sam is a frequent speaker at technology events and author of numerous articles on technology, product design, and management. Sam drives Ring.io’s strategy and product management. Prior to Ring.io, Sam was the CTO at Angel.com, where he was responsible for the company’s technology strategy and the design, implementation and launch of its award-winning CX platform.

Ashish Soni

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

As a technology executive with broad experience ranging from enterprise software to SaaS companies, Ashish is a highly accomplished expert in building high-availability, scalable, cloud computing systems. He leads all aspects of Ring.io’s technology development and operations. Prior to Ring.io, Ashish was VP of Technology and Operations at Angel.com where he led the company’s operations, quality and software-engineering programs. He holds degrees in computer science from Albright College and Cornell University.


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