Boost Productivity With Our Salesforce Dialer

Get a 2-3x boost in rep productivity. Make more calls and connect with more prospects. Watch the overview video to see how.

Improve Sales Productivity

Help Your Managers Coach

Crush Your Numbers

Make More Phone Calls

Make More Phone Calls

With integrated into CRM software click to call, built in automatic activity logging and voice mail automation, your sales teams will be making more calls each day. Power dialer gives you access to an endless amount of calls made immediately using call queues and auto dialer. It’s not only a system of inbound and outbound calls, it’s a powerful CRM with dialer tool.

Increase Your Connect Rate

Understand call outcomes and know what percentage of calls actually result in a conversation with a prospect. Coach your reps to improve their connect percentage. Incoming phone calls go through auto dialer intelligent call routing, so CRM automatically decides the call queues. With sales dialer your agents will contact management every single time.

Increase Your Connect Rate
Coach Your Reps to Success with Call Recording

Coach Your Reps to Success with Call Recording

With’s eavesdropping feature you can listen and coach on live calls. Every call is recorded and stored with your lead or contact to easily identify the right calls to review. You can check the call scripts, follow ups, text messages and call transfers to ensure assigned managers are helping sales teams to succeed. Sales reps quality evaluation has never been more straight-forward.

Boost your field sales with mobile

Expand your reach, provide your salespeople with freedom and flexibility with our mobile apps. Available for iOS and Android. Make and receive calls, auto log data to your CRM, transfer calls and dial your contacts from where they’re noted. You can switch your Caller ID, make Voicemail Drops, see all your Call and SMS History in one place. Try it now.

Boost your field sales with mobile

All the features you need to grow your business

Call Logging

Auto-log call data to the right object and field in Salesforce and Zoho CRM.


Instantly calls out of your CRM with our native click-to-call plugin.

Voicemail Automation

Leave pre-recorded voicemails for leads who don’t pick up the phone.


Automatically show local area phone numbers on outbound calls.

Call Disposition

Create custom call disposition codes and sync them to Salesforce.

Mobile device support

Make and receive calls from your mobile phone, and auto-log data to your CRM.

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