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Reach your customers more often & Stay mobile and free

Ring.io iOS app is the tool that can solve a lot of business problems, when used right. Either your reps work from home and want more freedom, or they work in the field and desperately in need of more mobility, Ring.io app for iPhone users will not let you down. Light weighted, beautifully designed with your comfort and ease in mind, intuitive and simple – you will not even notice that you’re hooked.

Dial right from where your contact is

Dial right from where your contact is

Tired of searching your customer’s phone number, copying it, loosing it in the process and starting all over again?
Dial from:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho CRM
  • Apple Mail
  • Gmail
  • Safari
  • Chrome

Use the dialer features on the go

Manual data entry to your CRM, difficult to leave voicemails? – Forget about the red tape and focus on selling.
With a simple tap:

  • Log Dispositions
  • Leave Voicemail Drop
  • Add Notes to the Call
  • Transfer a Call
  • Listen to the Voicemail
  • View Call History
  • Set Outbound Caller ID

Use the dialer features on the go
Ring.io iOS app added huge and tangible value to our sales team results, as well as changed our sales process flow. Now our reps use the tool they’re most used to – their iPhone, it helped increase productivity and satisfaction rates. The freedom and flexibility it gives to sales is hard to underestimate.The iOS Beta User, Sales Operations Manager at FMCG Industry FMCG Industry

Give your reps the mobility they deserve

The best way to make and receive sales calls on the go.
Open the world of comfortable use of the tools you love on the device you love.

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