Unleash the Power of Salesforce

Integrated phone calls, actionable data, and a seamless sales process.

Ring.io + salesforce cti


Native CTI Integration

We use Open CTI to natively integrate with Salesforce. That means no complicated set up and instant dialing.

Cross-Object Syncing

Log call data across Salesforce objects, like updating a lead and logging an activity or task at the same time.

Blended Calling

Get the tools you need to increase outbound dialing productivity, while intelligently routing inbound calls using Salesforce data.

Connect Your Phone System to Salesforce

Easily customizable to fit your sales process. Make and receive calls on your computer, mobile device, and desk phone.

Boost Calling Performance

Boost Calling Performance

Quickly dial through your lists of leads with Native Click-to-Call, leaving prerecorded voicemails for the leads that don’t answer.

Increase your connect rate with local area Caller ID and know when your calls are most effective.

Automatically input data collected on each call into Salesforce fields.

Make More Calls

Set More Meetings

Close More Deals

Optimize Call Conversion

Log every detail of every call to the right Salesforce objects and track call outcomes with custom call dispositions.

Route inbound calls to the right sales rep based on Salesforce field. Route callers by lead owner, lead source, company size, and more.

Record calls for future playback. Eavesdrop on live calls to guide sales reps to more closed deals.

Optimize Call Conversion

Automatically Log Call Data

Convert Inbound Callers

Improve Sales Conversations

Gain Insight into Sales Performance

Gain Insight into Sales Performance

Get detailed metrics like calls made, talk time, connect rate, calls per meeting, and more, broken down for each rep.

Know exactly what percent of calls reach a decision maker, go to voicemail, or reach a wrong number.

Track how many calls it takes to set a meeting and close a deal to truly understand the value of each dial.

Increase Call Connections

Improve Rep Performance

Optimize Every Dial for Better Results

We were able to customize Ring.io’s software to enhance our existing processes and integrate detailed call data directly in Salesforce. The detailed KPIs I can now see in Salesforce have made it much easier for me to manage my team. And the best part is that my reps love it. I would highly recommend Ring.io to any organization looking for a phone system that integrates with Salesforce.Gary Bailey, VP of Direct Sales at Credibly Credibly