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Simple pricing. Unlimited Calling. Maximum productivity. for Learn more about Integrating Ringio with PipedriveLearn more about Integrating Ringio with ZohoLearn more about Integrating Ringio with Zendesk


Per user per month, billed monthly. for Learn more about Integrating Ringio with Hubspot


Per user per month, billed monthly. for Learn more about Integrating Ringio with Salesforce


Per user per month, billed monthly.

  • Core Features
  • Salesforce integration
  • RingLeaders & RingInsights Dashboards
  • API access

Optional productivity add-ons to keep your team humming.



For 5 users, billed monthly.

Auto-switches the Caller ID you are calling from to use a number from the same area code as the person you are calling. This increases the number of prospects that actually pick up the phone. $100/mo if you have <5 users, or $20/user/mo if you have more than 5 users. (Magic ain’t cheap). Learn more.

Business SMS


Per user per month, billed monthly.

Enables sending and receiving SMS messages on Personal Numbers right from CRM. Messages logged in CRM. Gives your team more chances to engage with prospects informally, and achieve higher conversion rates on follow-up. Learn more

Before, we were calling from our cell phones and manually logging call data in Salesforce or M. Dynamics. Now, we just click to call and all of the data we need is automatically logged. We can really get in a rhythm when calling and we’ve seen our sales productivity double as a result.Andrew Panella, Business Development Manager at Brazen Brazen

Questions? We have answers.

Q: How does unlimited calling work?
A: With our unlimited calling plans, all inbound and outbound minutes to the continental U.S and Canada are included, except for inbound toll-free minutes.
Q: Can I use in my country?
A: is offered to companies based in the USA & Canada. If your North American company has employees based in other countries, we can work with you to deploy to them provided they have excellent broadband.
Q: Does replace my phone system or phone provider?
A: For most of our customers we do replace their existing system. We can also easily integrate with your current phone system.
Q: Can I use for my whole company?
A: Yes! is a great solution for sales, customer support, business development, and for anyone that talks to customers & prospects.
Q: What do I need to make/receive phone calls?
A: All you need is a broadband connection, Google Chrome and a PC Headset. We can also deliver phone calls to IP phones, softphones and standard PSTN phones (cell phones, landlines, your existing business numbers).
Q: What redundancies do you have to prevent downtime?
A:’s design reflects 30 years of operations thinking around high availability. We offer a 100% Uptime guarantee and publish our system status publicly.