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Boost Productivity With Our Salesforce Dialer

Get a 2-3x boost in rep productivity. Make more calls and connect with more prospects. Watch the overview video to see how.

Improve Sales Productivity

Help Your Managers Coach

Crush Your Numbers

Sales Dialer

Make More Calls

With integrated click to call, automatic activity logging and voicemail automation, your reps will be making more calls each day.

Increase Your Connect Rate

Understand call outcomes and know what percentage of calls actually result in a conversation with a prospect. Coach your reps to improve their connect percentage.

Salesforce Analytics
Call Coaching

Coach Your Reps to Success

With Ring.io's eavesdropping feature you can listen and coach on live calls. Every call is recorded and stored with your lead or contact to easily identify the right calls to review.

All the features you need to grow your business

Call Logging

Automatically log important call data to the right fields in Salesforce. Spend more time selling and less time logging data. 

CRM Click to Call

Our dialer is easily integrated with Salesforce & Zoho. Click to call and automatically log call data directly in the CRM.

Voicemail Automation

Leave the perfect pre-recorded voicemail for prospects who don't pick up the phone and move on to the next call.


Automatically display the same area code as the number you are calling to increase your connect rates.

Custom Call Dispositions

Create custom dispositions to log qualitative data from your reps back into the right fields in Salesforce.

Multi-Device Support

Allow your reps to call with a softphone, landline, cell phone or IP phone. Each user can set multiple endpoints.

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